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First junk commentary is up

Season 2 has ended. I would like thank the readers for sticking with it. Hopefully season 3 (if there's one) be a less messy than season 2. Expect bunch of junk commentary along with offseason updates on the ownership and future of Rochenstein Renegades. Thanks a bunch!


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Say hello to 2006-07 NBA champions the 4-time, 4-time, 4-time, 4-time NBA champs San Antonio Spurs! Thank you Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Bruce Bowen, Michael Finley, Robert Horry, Brent Barry, Fabricio Oberto, Francisco Elson, Jacque Vaughn, Beno Udrih, James White, Matt Bonner, Melvin Ely for bringing Spurs title no. 4. Spurs dynasty baby!

I'm back from A-Kon from over the weekend. Had a blast while I was there. Can't wait for next year.

It's been wild three days. A shocking tragic situation happen as news broke out WWE wrestler Chris Benoit and his entire family died. Soon new details emerge hour after each hour what turn to shock to disbelief to anger. Chris Benoit, the wrestler known as one of the best in the business, revealed his dark side killing his wife and seven year old son before hanging himself. As the fallout continued it made me sick to me. The Crippler, a wifebeater and a murderer. Forget the championships he won and good matches he had. He will be forever recognized as man who killed his family and himself. Vince McMahon went far to whitewash him from anything to merchandises, DVDs, and championship wins. That sack of shit Benoit can burn in hell!

Let me thank Scooter and Carrot for allowing me to use themselves in the recent strips. Scooter please drop me a line so I can link your site.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year's Day! Hello 2007!

Thank you Thomas K. Dye for nine years of Newshounds. You are one of my inspirations to create Game Misconduct. Thanks! - Dec 13


I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Someone pass me the pie.

Entire bio on the roster page uploaded.

Get ready! Game Misconduct Season 2 has just begun!

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